Ziggy the Collie Pup

Ziggy is 6 months old and has a typical collie personality with a very high herding and chasing instinct. He is best suited to a country home where he doesnt come across too much traffic. Collie lovers will adore this affectionate and intelligent boy. He is so smart, easily trained and loves to be kept busy.  Its actually important to keep this boy busy or he gets bored easily. Ziggy has been to the vets to check for megaesophagus (disorder of the esophagus where dogs are unable to swallow properly) as he was exhibiting symptoms when drinking and we wanted to be sure. Physically he has no symptoms of it at all which is good news. Its best to let him eat and drink from a height to be safe and he needs to rest after eating and drinking. Ziggy is looking for a collie experienced adult only home with a very secure garden.

Ziggy has gone to his forever home!