Scooter the Jack Russell

Scooter is approx 8/9 years old and doing so well in foster. As you can see he adores his sliotar and would play ball all day. This is his fosterers report:

Scooter is the best companion anyone could ask for. He becomes so protective and attached so soon, I’ve had the best time with him. He absolutely loves his ball and will come up to you at anytime of the day looking for you to throw it. He loves cuddles and walks, and loves sniffing everything he can find. He is no stranger to luxury now and regularly pulls out blankets so he can make a little fort for himself to snuggle into. When he’s outside he’s very placid with other dogs and doesn’t take much heed of them at all. Introducing him to some of my friends dogs he’s been alright, definitely needs a bit of introducing before he’s fully comfortable with other dogs but I think if he was living with them he would get on fine. He’s ok on his own for a little while but really just adores company and will follow you everywhere you go. He is really just the most loving playful dog you can find and has brought me so much joy!

We dont know his history with children so teenage children only or adult home for Scooter.

Update: Scooter is happier amongst females. So female household for Scooter only. He is an old terrier with a bit of arthritis, who likes to potter, go for walks and snooze. 

Terrier experience essential.

Scooter has gone to his forever home!