BOOKED: Rusty the Red Setter

Rusty is 13 years old. He arrived to DAWG so underweight he was literally skin and bones. He also had severe infections in both ears. Poor boy was a sorry state. He is doing amazingly well in foster though and he is ready to start looking for that perfect retirement home. He is food obsessed due to being starved for so long. He is on four small meals a day and the weight is piling on at last. He is such a chilled boy, perfect with cats, just looks at them and wags his tail. Absolutely loves everyone. Loves his little lead walks every day. Great in the car, enjoys looking out the window or snoozing in the back seat. He is an affectionate companion and really deserves the best home for his twilight years. He is an amazingly resilient boy. We will be fussy where Rusty goes.


Booked and getting getting ready to go to a forever home!