Oscar the Yorkshire Terrier

Oscar the Yorkshire TerrierOscar the yorkie is 2 years old. Oscar had a very bad start to his young life and took a long time to trust. He was terrified of just about everything and took a long time to do  normal things, like going for a walk and letting me touch him. Over time he started to trust me, the first time he walked and ran with my other dogs and let me touch him was a huge milestone for Oscar . He now loves my other dogs, loves to play, and is at last enjoying life. Oscar is still unsure about being picked up, and is unsure around people he doesnt know but once he gets to know people he is fine. Oscar is a pleasure to have in the house loves his comfy bed and his food and follows me everywhere, but its time he had his own family now, he would love another dog for company. Oscar is good on lead and off lead he stays close.  An adult home only for Oscar.

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