Ollie the Mixed Breed.

Ollie is a Lurcher/German Shepard mix, and about a year old who happens to be 100% amazing. Although people haven’t always treated Ollie well, he is a big fan of the human race. It takes him a few minutes to warm up to you and trust you, but once he does, he wants to be your best friend.

Ollie is a dog of two worlds. He is as happy going for walkies and runs, and doesn’t seem to tire at all. However you’ll also find him peacefully playing with a chew toy finding a random spot on the floor near you and flaking out. He just wants to be close to his humans and will flop on his side as you work away. Don’t get freaked out. He’s not dead, he’s just in chill mode. If you have a free hand, or 7, he is happy to accept donations of scritches 24/7. You might get tired of them, but he certainly won’t.

Would advise a household with no kids under 12 though, because since humans haven’t always been good to this amazing boy, he can get a bit nervous of sudden surprises and of tight hugs.

Great with other dogs and will adjust to their vibe, but he’s also happy out to be the only dog in the family, as he would rather get 100% of the love and not share it. If he has to share though, he’s good with that too.

Ollie could use a little bit of formal training to make everyone’s life easier but he has already mastered toilet training, recall training (in fairness he just doesn’t want to be far) and is picking up on sit super fast. He’s a clever one and training will be easy.

Ollie is one of the bestest boys there is and he’s eager to prove it to a Forever Family! 

To find out more about Ollie the mixed breed.:

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