Ollie the Lurcher

Ollie is a friendly, sweet energetic young guy. He is a year old. Ollie loves people and is not shy when it comes to making new friends. He is very gentle around other dogs and with children. I’ve never heard him bark once. He is well trained on a lead and will stay along side you for the entirety of a walk, but does love to be allowed free for a good sprint. Would be well suited to a home with a nice garden. Loves chasing a ball. A real cuddle bug who loves hugs and affection and is very loving towards his owner. Likes to sleep in the bed with the owner every night. Doesn’t love being left alone at home. Ollie is a bit of a velcro boy but if you like to keep your lurchers close Ollie is the boy for you. He would do well with another dog in the home, it might keep him entertained and less clingy then he can be. This is not uncommon with many rescues, this settles over time once he feels secure and at home. It really does take rescues up to 3 months to know they are home.

When he’s not on his walks he tends to spend most of the day snoozing, so when he has an active life he is very easy to manage around the house. He is fully housetrained.

Ollie has gone to his forever home!