Nita the Staffie

Nita is a curvy 6-year-old staffie. She was surrendered following the unexpected death of her owner and is an excellent house guest and no trouble to look after. When Nita arrived, she was very sad and frightened. She took to the sofa for a full week and had to be coaxed outside to the toilet. She was very overweight and had lived as an outside dog her whole life . She has some sores and calluses which will improve with soft bedding and time.
It took Nita about 2 weeks to realize she was safe and loved and would be allowed back into the house at any time. Buster her foster doggy brother finally got through to her and they are good buddies now and she is learning to play.  She was a bit grumpy to start.
Her foster family adore her and call her Truffles as she snuffles along like a pig looking for truffles.  Nita is fully house trained, sleeps downstairs all night – not a sound…. well…she snores but that’s it! She trundles along nicely on lead.  She is not great with new dogs if they approach her due to lack of socialisation during her formative years! But she just LOVES humans.
Her ideal home is one where she can sit on the sofa snuggled up to her owner and gaze up lovingly into their eyes all day and night. Oh, and don’t stop petting her…she will snort in dismay and try to sit on your lap, and she is no lap dog! She is a beautiful funny girl that just wants to love and be loved.
Nita is still overweight but that is improving with regular exercise. Continued weight loss and her aches and pains will improve. Her mobility has already come on in leaps and bounds – she can now hop up onto the sofa no bother.
A home where Nita is the only dog getting all the loving would be her dream.

An experienced home needed with children over 10

Nita has gone to her forever home!