Mason and Archie German Shepherds

Best pals Mason (short haired) and Archie would love to find a home together. Both are neutered and up to date on vacs.

Mason (6 years old) is good natured around people but is very independent as well he goes and does he’s own thing he would be the Alfa male of the two. Whenever I walk him he just ignores other dogs. He was great to Archie when he came as a pup. He is a powerful dog he can pull a bit on the lead at times when he sees water. He’s in good health hips are good and a happy dog.

Archie 5 and a half years, is very affectionate and loves attention , he is brilliant on the lead but when he comes across other dogs he does bark at them. But with distraction and experience the walk can carry on. He can be a little nervous at the start meeting people but within ten minutes he will be ok and enjoy the rubs. Both are housetrained.

Children over 10 for Mason and Archie and an enclosed garden necessary.

Private homing not in the care of DAWG

Mason has gone to his forever home!