Lizzie the Lurcher

Lizzie is a pretty little black lurcher, less than a year old. She was discovered straying, completely emaciated, covered in fleas, open sores and badly infected legs. It was obvious she had never been properly fed or had ever received affection from any human.  

This was five weeks ago. Since she came into foster and received proper food, love, attention and veterinary care, she has transformed into a beautiful, clever, affectionate little pup who will make a wonderful pet.

Lizzie loves her comforts and her food and has adapted to living in a home among a family very well – she was fully housetrained in 3 days and hasn’t had an accident since.  She’s a very smart dog who can open doors and is constantly trying to work out how to get on the couch. She adores her walks with the other dogs and is a very fast runner, but her recall is perfect and she isnt inclined to wander.  She loves being around other dogs, so would prefer a home where there is another dog as she takes her lead from other dogs.  She is great around kids and is learning to play, wag her tail and gives the odd lick – a million miles away from the introverted, scared little pup who’s tail was wedged firmly between her legs. 

In the right home, Lizzie will thrive into a gorgeous, loyal dog who will bring lots of happiness to a lucky family.

lizzie the lurcher

Lizzie has gone to her forever home!