Lady the Beagle x

Extra extra special home needed for Lady the beagle x. Lady was straying for some time and some amazing volunteers finally caught her literally as she was giving birth. It was traumatic for them and her but they saved her and her beautiful babies. That was last September and her babies are all happily homed. Due to Lady’s feral life and god knows what she experienced at that time, she is quite skittish. She really really wants to be your friend and will come and take a treat but retreat really fast again in case you are trying to catch her. She goes in and out of the house and sit on the couch but wont make too much eye contact as she genuinely doesnt know how to behave properly. She has come a HUGE way in the care of The Budds family. She is in fantastic shape and follows Lorcan and Bonnie the hounds everywhere. She definitely needs another dog or dog/s to help her trust and figure out the lay of the land so to speak. She is perfect around cats and has absolutely zero badness in her. She needs a calm peaceful household with a very secure garden. A country area would suit her best as a built up city life wouldnt help her progress. She is getting there but a forever home with patience is what Lady could do with. A place where she is allowed to just be and approach you and cuddle you when she feels the time is right. She adores to play with other dogs and comes to life in their presence. Please share for this beautiful girl.

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