Jackson the Pitbull.

Not in the care of DAWG – Jackson is looking for a very experienced home. Jackson is exhibiting high levels of anxiety in relation to the outside world, other dogs and unknown people. He can however, make friends and when he does, it really doesn’t take too long. But, given his anxiety and his size vigilant screening for his new home would be critical. For that we have the guarantee of the back up of a behavourist who will help with screening for Jacksons next home as a busy city life is not suiting him at all.

He is a truly lovable boy but, sadly, has a lot of strength, a lot of anxiety and would absolutely need a very specific home.

In the right home, he would be an absolutely phenomenal friend and companion and his responses to threat are due to defensive, not offensive behaviours. Jackson is an exceptionally bright, engaged and loving boy. He’s goofy, silly, snuggly and a joy to be around. He needs an owner he can trust and feel safe around. 

Jackson needs a quiet adult only home with extensive experience of the breed. A rural setting only for Jackson and a secure garden. And no other dogs in the home. 

His ideal home will be looking specifically to help a dog overcome behavioural difficulties and adhere to
strict management practices. A full report can be sent on request. 

To find out more about Jackson the pitbull.:

Email: info@dogactionwelfaregroup.ie
Tel: 083 171 4307

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