Jack the Lab Mix

7 year old Jack is looking for a new home as sadly his beloved owner passed away. He is a lab mix with German Shepherd or collie we are told. All his owner worried about before he passed was Jack. One of his friends promised his owner that she would ensure Jack would be safe and sound and help him find a good home and suitable match. We are lucky enough to have space to help keep that promise. All Jack knew was this gentleman and they did everything together. They were best pals. Even though Jack is 7 he is full of energy and needs to be kept busy. Give him a ball and he is your forever friend. He has recently discovered toys and will play for hours. He has a particular squeaky pig that he ADORES.  He adores cuddles and hugs.  Jack sits and gives the paw and just wants to be your best friend.  He is excellent in che car.  Poor boy must be so bewildered at the moment. He is neutered and housetrained. Jack has been very well looked after. He is used to being the only dog so we are going to home him as such. Children over 10 for Jack as he is a strong boy.

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Email: info@dogactionwelfaregroup.ie
Tel: 083 171 4307

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