Grinch the Bulldog Collie x

2 year old Grinch the Bulldog-Collie cross is a very special boy. He is very playful and loves his toys and balls (although they never last long). Grinch is a very affectionate dog and loves the company of people. He is also very protective of the people he loves which comes out in nervousness/aggression towards other dogs. While he has gotten along with some dogs in the past, Grinch would be best suited to an only dog household. A nice garden to play in is a must for Grinch, as well as an active family. He is quite strong on the lead and walks much better on a harness, Grinch is loving and well mannered in the home, despite having social issues with other dogs while out and about. Grinch needs an experienced hand and we are looking for a home in a rural area where he doesnt meet other dogs regularly on walks. His socialisation training needs to be worked on and experience is needed when introducing him to other dogs. He has such amazing potential with a bit of work. Children over 10 for Grinch.

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