Grinch the Bulldog Collie x

2 year old Grinch the Bulldog-Collie cross is a very special boy. He is very playful and loves his toys and balls (although they never last long). Grinch is a very affectionate dog and loves the company of people.  A nice garden to play in is a must for Grinch, as well as an active family. He is quite strong on the lead and walks much better on a harness, We are looking for a home in a country area for Grinch. Children over 10 for Grinch. Grinch would prefer to be the only dog in the home.

Update: Grinch is thriving in the private kennels and his interactions with the other dogs. We have posted videos of his training on fb and he is the best boy. He is just fantastic as long as he is with his favourite humans.  A strong male pack leader is essential for Grinch’s continuous training.  Its what works best for him. He is the most loving, happy and eager to please boy. 

Grinch has gone to his forever home!