Foxy the Terrier x

Could Foxy the little snuggle bug actually be the most well rounded perfect little pet on our books – Well he has his fosterer Leslie totally charmed. Foxy can also live with cats –
Name: Foxy (or “Mr. Fox” when he’s feeling fancy)

Breed: Cojack (half Pembroke Welsh Corgi and half Jack Russell Terrier)

Age: 6 yrs

• Soft coat boasting toffee-coloured and white markings
• Large, luminous, almond-shaped eyes
• Floppy ears
• Short yet sturdy legs

Enjoys: The simple pleasures in life such as:
• fireside cuddles on a comfy lap
• brisk strolls and quick trips to the park
• a relaxing evening at home with the family

• Laid back when you (the owner) are laid back
• Sporty and active when it’s time for his daily strolls
• Affectionate and loyal

Side notes:
• Very good on the lead/leash
• Doesn’t bark incessantly
• Housebroken
• Foxy has excellent table manners

Foxy has gone to his forever home!