Flash the Lab Collie x

Flash is a handsome Labrador Collie X, with a big heart and big brown soulful eyes to match! He is approx 18 months old. This friendly fella is an easy, gentle dog to have in the home and loves having his humans around. He is great for settling into bed at night, is quiet as a mouse and waits patiently to greet you in the morning with an excited waggy tail. While he loves getting out and about, he requires more training on the lead as he can be quite anxious on walks. However, he is a very intelligent dog (toilet trained in 48 hours), quite responsive to commands and has potential to be trained on the lead once he is given the time and direction. He is lively, playful and affectionate, who would be best placed in a home with an active family, as he loves his walks and toys. He loves company and while he’s ok to be left alone, he won’t suit a home where is alone for hours. Would thrive in a rural area with space to explore as he is young and energetic, and partial to the zoomies!

Flash would love a rural home with an enclosed garden to play in. We are homing him as the only dog with children over 10 or an adult only home. He hasnt been socialised in his very important formative months and this is coming to bear out and about on the lead so its best that he continues to train and practice being the best boy on the lead in calm surroundings. Therefore an area with no heavy traffic or many other dogs would suit Flash best as he continues his lead training and socialisation.

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