Edge the Husky

Edge is a one year old husky. Like all of his breed he needs a lot of exercise to keep him stimulated. Edge is great with other dogs and adores his walks. Edge would love to go to a home who understand huskies and their needs.

Edge is a fantastic dog! He is 11 month old Husky who is great around other dogs and just loves being with people. He loves his cuddles and has dense luxurious fur that is absolutely divine to rub. He is a high energy dog who is very clever so he needs lots of exercise and mental stimulation too. Edge is very easy to walk but despite his slight physique he is very strong so the correct Halti would be required. He is happy to sleep on the floor at his persons feet but also likes to come up on the couch for a cuddle.

Edge’s ideal home would be one where there is someone with him most of the time. He hates being left on his own and would also require a very secure garden to play in.

Older children only for Edge as he is a strong boy.

Edge has gone to his forever home!