Diesel the Rottie x

We are looking for a suitable home  for Diesel the handsome rottie x. Ideally a country home with a large garden. he is happy out to potter and is great with other dogs. He is nervy around other dogs on the lead but a dream off the lead.  He can get anxious around traffic and meeting too many other dogs on walks. Being close to a river or the sea would be ideal to keep up with his swimming. Diesel with a calm dog who wont want to play too much as his joints arent able. We cover his veterinary care for life.(Earlier information in case you missed it: Diesel has severe hip and elbow dysplasia and 2 forms of arthritis, His medication is given 3 times daily plus monthly visits to the vets for injections. He also has bowel problems since birth which have taken a long time to sort and is controlled by a strict grain-free diet, But he still loves some treats. He loves water but is not the best swimmer due to his hip and elbows but that won’t stop him from trying. He has regular hydro sessions when necessary but if there was somewhere you could take him to swim he would love it all the more. ). He ADORES his toys. He is brilliant with children (over 6) and is such a good boy all round. Diesel can live with cats. We are doing his best to manage his pain and give him the most fulfilling life possible.


Diesel has gone to his forever home!