Dexter the Lab X

Dexter the Lab  X

Dexter the Lab

DEXTER is being rehomed through no fault of his own: Dexter will be four in April. He is a blond lab retriever mix and is neutered. He has a fantastic temperament, loves people and is great with kids.

Dexter is great with other dogs and especially loves small dogs . He is very energetic but has calmed down considerably in the last year or so. He needs plenty of scope and gets most excited when going for a walk or a spin in the car. He is great both on and off the lead and has fantastic recall. We walk him alot in a public farm where he is allowed off the lead. He meets other dogs here everyday and has been socialised alot since he was a pup. He doesnt get overly excited on meeting other dogs and just takes it all in his stride. He loves swimming and will jump into the river to retrieve sticks no matter what the weather.

My husband is also a runner and takes both dogs with him. They are trained to run beside him on the leads. We have never let him off the lead near traffic so he would not have any road sense.
He would also need a garden with a safe enclosed fence or somewhere safe from a road.

He is both an outdoor and indoor dog and is fully house trained. He is out when we are out but in when we are in. Once he has his daily walk or run he loves to settle down in his bed for the rest of the time and is very calm. He loves his comfort near the fire and being near his owners.
He is not used to being on his own. l work part time and he has always had the company of his brother since they were pups. I would hope that if he finds a good home, he wouldn’t be left on his own for long periods as he wouldn’t cope well with this.
Overall Dexter is a beautiful, intelligent, affectionate dog who is always eager to please.

Gone to a forever home!