Clooney the Lurcher

Clooney is such a good looking lurcher and gets so many compliments,. He is almost 2 years old and has been moved around a good bit. He came to us totally unloved and unwanted and lived his first year in a yard with many others. He has been in a few foster homes and is now with Eoin where he is absolutely thriving. Clooney is a strong bull lurcher with many bull qualities including adoring his human and hating being left alone. He would suit someone living alone and working from home for example. An adult home would suit best or children in late teens. This is his update from Owen who is absolutely mad about him – Meet Clooney, a strong 2 year old Lurcher with a beautiful blue/grey coat.
Clooney hasn’t had the best start in life, after being moved around through no fault of his own, but is doing great in his foster home. He’s great on the lead and in the car and knows basic commands. He’s smart and responsive so will quickly take to new training. He really has a great temperament and loves a good tug of war game. A typical lurcher, after a good walk or run he’ll happily sleep away chunks of the day.
While he has no issues meeting other dogs out on walks he is very responsive to cats and so will need to go to a home without any. He can also be a bit dominant to other male dogs so may be best suited to a home as the only dog or with an older female.
He’s housetrained and sleeps throughout the night. Clooney will make the perfect companion to the right person /family.





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