Bob the Staffordshire Bull Terrier

BobBob is a Staff terrier of about 8 years old. He is without a doubt the easiest foster we have ever had.Gets on great with our other 2 dogs,cats don’t bother him . He loves to snooze and enjoys short walks. He loves nothing more than being rubbed under his chin and since he came to us that is all he asks. Well, that and food! He loves food. He also loves children.

Bob will make a wonderful, loyal pet for someone and would be happy as an only dog or with another one. His looks are deceiving. While he may look big and fierce he is actually a big softie. He is here a month and I have never heard him bark or growl. He has an endearing snort when he is excited and he snores!

He is a fantastic ambassador for his breed. The lady who found him actually told me that he cured her fear of staff terriers.

Its a very lucky family will get Bob.

Gone to a forever home!