Beau the Bull Breed x

Beau the bull breedWe have been fostering Beau for two weeks and all I can say is WOW! He is such a wonderful dog, so well behaved, calm and friendly. He never shows aggression towards anyone nor any dog. Beau loves to cuddle up to us and our dogs, he loves company. He follows me all round the house, nosing at everything, he just wants to be involved in everything we do. He can be a little too inquisitive when out in public, which leads to him pulling a lot and he is very strong. We are working on lead training him and it will take a lot of time and patience but I have faith that he will learn. I have no doubts that this handsome boy will give some lucky person a lifetime of love and devotion. He is wonderful with our two young children, they hug and cuddle him all the time and he smothers them with kisses. Beau comes out in the car almost all of the time and he just sits in the front passenger seat taking everything in. He is so grateful to be part of a family, it appears he may have not have had this experience before. Whoever offers Beau his forever home will know from the moment they meet him that they have made the right decision. Beau does not like being left alone for long periods so would not suit a home where he is alone a lot.

beau1Beau the bull breed

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