Cara’s Happy Ending

carahappy1This is Cara, she was named Poppy by DAWG  before we adopted her. I adopted cara from you when she was roughly 2 months old. We all thought she was a staffie but as she grew up its plain to see shes  may be a whippet x staffie. Shes a treasure to have, she very energetic and so much fun. Cara is such a cheeky lil girl and her cuteness lets her get away with murder, lol. Shes spoilt rotten by us and we love her so much. Cara is now a year and a half old. Only for you DAWG, I hate to think where Cara would have ended up. Dawg we can’t thank you all enough for all the hard work you do. Thank you for  letting us adopt Cara into our new home…Shes our pride and joy..xxcara happy2carahappy3