Organise a Spooktacular Fundraiser for DAWG!

This Halloween, recruit your children, your colleagues, your classmates or your neighbours to have a spooktacular time and raise money for DAWG, too! Have a great time planning with the kids over mid-term or have fun organising a Halloween event for your workplace or office. Here are some ideas for how you can get involved:


  • Kids Costume Party: Hold a costume party at home or involve your whole community in a hall for a costume party with a small admissions charge.
  • Halloween Cake Sale: Combine your costume party with a cake sale and bake fun and creepy Halloween treats.
  • Grownup Costume Party: If you’re hosting people for the holiday, consider asking people for a voluntary donation at the door or put a fun donation jar out.
  • Reverse Trick-or-Treat: Buy lollipops or inexpensive, wrapped candy, bundle the kids or dogs into their costumes, and visit your friends and relatives to ask for donations instead of treats. Say thanks by giving candy in return!


When organising in your workplace, be sure you have the necessary permissions in advance.

  • Official Office Costume Day: Sign your colleagues up at €5 to come to work in costume on the Friday before Halloween, October 30th.
  • Halloween Cake Sale: Get your workmates baking and host a lunch-time cake sale with all of your spooky treats!
  • Halloween Candy Sale: Go desk to desk in your office to sell bags of candy or give them away in return for a donation.

TIP: While most shops have candy sales on this time of year, grocery stores stock a steady supply of packaged candy like Haribo Starmix and Fangtastics or Wine Gummies for just 10 or 15 cents each. These are great for reverse trick-or-treating and for candy sales as you’ll always make more than you spent per item!

Sign Up to Run a Spooktacular Fundraiser!

If you would like to raise much-needed funds for DAWG this Halloween, we’d be very grateful. Please add your info below to sign up:

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