RIP – Betty the rottie x

Update – Betty passed away recently due to a massive growth on her spleen. She is hugely missed and has left a huge void. Old girl Betty was abandoned probably due to her kidney failure and her incontinence. She had been wandering a few days,  hungry, tired, arthritic and was sleeping in the bushes before she finally allowed herself to trust and be caught. Thankfully Margaret who is fostering her long term adores her and showers Betty with love every day and Betty knows that no matter what now, she wont be abandoned. She has the company of other dogs and she comes to many fundraisers . She is a very happy, docile girl and so grateful for all she gets. She is now under veterinary care, is on special food and even her incontinence has improved. All she needed was special food, medication to ease her arthritis and a bit of loyalty shown to a girl who no doubt gave it it to someone all her life. Thanks to your sponsor donations Betty will be safe and loved and out of pain for the rest of her days.  She really is special.

Update: Betty is plodding along happily with Margaret and her doggie pals. Thanks to you and your sponsorship donations we can keep her on the expensive food, and the joint care. Please keep supporting Betty. She has come a long way.

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