Yogi’s Happy Ending

-4422007776CC8BD86We were lucky enough to adopt Yogi from you back in January and I thought you might like an update. I can only imagine how heartbreakingly wonderful the work you do must be so I thought you might like a good news story. As you can see from the photos Yogi has settled in like a dream. I cant thank you enough for letting us adopt him, he is by far the most affectionate dog I have ever had the pleasure of caring for. He learned very quickly to respect our 16 year old dog who just wants to potter around and snooze the day away. Our stray cat who just moved in (uninvited) has a love hate relationship with him, when he wants to play she kills him but as you can see from the photo sleeping is fine! As long as Yogi gets his two good walks a day and a person to lie next to on the couch in the evening he is a very happy dog.He comes everywhere with us and follows me around all day long. I am fitter than I have ever been from all our walks, lead training is still a learning curve for a dog who wants to play with everything from cats to cattle but we are getting there! He is everything we could have hoped for and more and we feel very lucky to have him. So thank you all again and I am sure if Yogi could talk he would say thank you as well.!