Sponsor a DAWG Dog

For most dogs that we rescue, a great new forever home is just around the corner. However, for some, the life they knew before they met us has affected them so much, they cannot become part of a new family.

They spend their lives being cared for at the sanctuary or with specially placed fosterers. Your sponsorship is vital and will help ensure they get the best lives, veterinary care and food possible.

As a DAWG sponsor, you will receive a special sponsor pack for your chosen dog and regular updates from us on how they are getting on. Your support is greatly appreciated and will really make a difference to their lives.

How Sponsorship Works:

Every sponsorship costs €52 per year per dog (that’s 1 Euro per week) and in return you will receive a special package about your sponsored dog, regular updates about how they are getting on, and of course the latest updates from our CORK DAWG newsletter.

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