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Tiny is a stunning 3 year old giant cross breed who charms everyone he meets. Tiny was found by the Gardaí, who contacted DAWG after he was the victim of a hit and run in December 2013. It took 5 people to stretcher Tiny to the veterinary hospital where he spent the next 6 weeks. Despite initial fears that Tiny might have to be put to sleep, a dedicated veterinary team determined that while he had significant nerve damage in his front right leg, he might be able to regain some use of the leg and live a normal life. Tiny had never been indoors before and was badly matted and filthy, and deeply traumatised by pain, neglect and his road traffic accident. Gradually, Tiny came out of his shell and began to enjoy interacting with some of the on call staff over Christmas.

Tiny went to a foster home in February 2014, but requires ongoing physiotherapy to try to rebuild the muscle in his front right leg. Luckily, because the vets’ office is the first place he experienced loving humans, he thinks of it as the happiest place on Earth. He has significant muscle wastage, but loves to gallop around the garden with the other dogs, even if he does fall over a lot!

Currently Tiny is doing two hydro therapy sessions a week, but as he reaches his maximum potential for recovery these will became less frequent. Please consider sponsoring Tiny’s recovery so that he can enjoy the active life he was meant to live with all the care he needs in a loving home.

Sponsor Tiny

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