RIP – Millie the Boxer

Update: Millie sadly and suddenly passed away on July 2017 after a short and unexpected illness. She went surrounded by the people who cared for her, free from pain and blanketed in love. She is deeply missed by her foster family and her many DAWG fans who followed her hilarious antics.

Mille was an 8 year old Boxer who came into DAWG as a surrender in February 2015. Her enormous weight made it difficult for her to walk and breathe at the same time, so she stayed in foster care on a slow weight-loss diet and exercise regimen, waiting to be fit and healthy for adoption.

Sadly, just as this happy, silly, wonderful girl reached her target weight, she was diagnosed with advanced Spondylosis, a degenerative spinal condition. It causes pain and restricted movement and may be responsible for the incontinence she also developed.

Fortunately Millie’s condition is well-treated on a daily drug regime paid for by DAWG, and she is pain-free and active on these meds. She is now a permanent sponsor dog in her foster home where she is loved and well-minded, and will be looked after with care and patience as her condition deteriorates.

I’m Millie’s foster mother and I would like to say thank you to DAWG for always making sure Millie is well looked after and to the donors who help meet the cost of the drugs that keep her mobile and pain-free, as they are quite costly. Thanks so much DAWG!

It is no longer possible to sponsor Millie but we hope you will consider sponsoring another dog or making a donation in her honour.

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