Sadie the Lurcher

Update: Sadie passed away peacefully recently. She knew nothing but love and comfort in her final months with us. Thanks so much for sponsoring Sadie in her time of need.

When Sadie came into our care we knew it was unlikely due to her various health problems that she would be adopted. We believe she deserves a chance to have the best life for whatever time she has left, so she is now a DAWG foster dog. She has many health problems including an under active thyroid, a heart murmer, very bad skin condition, yet despite all of this she has the sweetest nature and is so grateful for every act of kindness. Because of all her health problems Sadie’s immune system is compromised so Sadie’s life expectancy is just a few years. While we can’t change the outcome we can make sure that whatever time she has left Sadie will know nothing but love, kindness and the best of care. She is in a wonderful foster home with Orla and her family who have taken her into their home and their hearts. To ensure we can continue to provide her with the best care please sponsor little lady Sadie. She will be added to our page in the coming days. We would be very grateful with some help towards Sadies medical care.

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