Rosie’s Happy Ending



Hi All

Rosie Jane Bear aka Cosy Rosie aka Sasha Fierce depending on my mood.

Since we last chatted I have been very busy settling in and taking over my new home .

At the start I was afraid to be “caught” and brought in as in my first abode ,but now I am the first to run out to do my biz and then I am back in again first to sit in front of the Bonio cupboard looking adoring at my mom or to bag the best place on the couch .Have to admit took me a while to settle in but I had Daisy for the first 3 weeks before she went to heaven . Daisy passing kinda scared me, but then I remember that she was 101 in Doggie years, and if she had put up with Mom all that time it might not be a bad gaff to be living in. I have to share the couch to watch Telly with Scruff (aka Curly) and Billy (aka Yum Yum),um we all a loads names to make us feel loved I was happy to settle for cuddles, but sure L’oreal cause I’m worth it.

I developed a few hobbies to keep me busy during the day when mom is at work I started borrowing socks, shoes, books, dvds, anything that tasted of love. I was convinced that when Mom went to work I might not see her again. Of course this didn’t happen she was back again at 1 o clock to dole out more cuddles and chews and catch me surrounded by bits of sock ,shredded books . At least I wasn’t doing an imitation of a lumberjack like Billy nibbling chunks out of the stairs. Anyway I have stopped all that carry on now. I was always a BIG GIRL and sure most of it was going on behind me back so I didn’t notice me muffin top or me rolling gaite. But happy to report that Slimmer of the year has dropped from 47KG to a trim and glossy coated 42 Kg photo attached for inspection. The living conditions in this Gaff are grand ,Me and Scruff have our own duvets on each side of her bed ,well we need our Own space ,Billy get to sleep at the end of Her Bed.

We all wake up at 0615 and then I leap into the bed to slurp her good morning and lie across her legs Scruff leaps on the Pillow so she has to get her head out of the way fast at this stage Billy has gathered her slippers and is dangling them dangerous close to her nose while balancing on top of Mom .

After we have all had our roll in the bed we romp down stairs to be fed ,then all out in the garden to do out Biz . The we get our separate Walk /quality time – 30 minutes each . Once she had gone to work I snooze on a duvet on the landing with Scruff and Billy throw his kong up and down the Stairs until he nods off . Same process is repeated for the afternoon until 5.30 and then we are fed and walked again , then we all snuggle on the couch until Bedtime taking our turns to “sit” or lie on her lap.

I so glad I own 4 of the 12 paws that adopted our Mom Liz aka the Crazy Dog Lady.
Woof and Wags to all our friends in the Shelter from Me ,Scruffy and Billy the Kid.