RIP – Nova the Terrier

We are very sad to report that beautiful Nova lost her fight recently. Her fosterers Sean and Helen loved her to the end and did everything in their power to ensure her time with them was full of love, funtimes and happiness. Run free girl. You will know no more pain.

Nova is a beautiful and delightful 4 year old Terrier cross. When found in March of 2017, Nova was deathly ill and soon diagnosed with chronic liver failure.

Despite her life-limiting illness, Nova is a happy, active girl in her permanent foster home. She is a naturally anxious dog and relies on the leadership of her foster siblings, Bella the three-year-old Staffie and Prince the Collie, a remarkable 21 years old. She can often be found curled up with Prince or playing in the garden with Bella, and her stuffed duck and stuffed monkey are her constant companions she carries with her all over the house. She adores her brilliant foster parents, who love Nova and are more than happy to care for her as her medical needs increase.

Nova is on a well-managed drug regime to slow the progression of her illness. Her drugs are costly and often cause side effects, so her veterinary needs are increasing as everyone works to make sure Nova remains playful, happy and free of pain. Sponsoring Nova will go a long way towards meeting her needs and giving her the fullest, healthiest life possible. Thank you.

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