Nell the lurcher

Meet Nell the beautiful smiling lurcher.  Nell has a lot of scarring across her face and body and we noticed at the shelter she had an unusual gait when walking. On further investigation it was discovered that Nell had several serious old injuries resulting in extremely painful joints and muscles. Despite all her aches and pains Nell is a very happy dog and lives peacefully in foster with Jane and four other dogs of various breeds and backgrounds including Bijoux who can also be seen on this page.  While Nell was in a lot of pain, we have this under control for now using a combination of pain management drugs, acupuncture at Sunbeam Veterinary Hospital , food supplements and massage:

Nell’s deep, dark, glistening eyes would melt even the coldest of hearts and she has a signature “smile” that make every single human smile back to her.  Typical lurcher , she lays on the sofa for most of the day but since she has been receiving acupuncture this girl bounces around when she knows she is going for a walk, while she is unable to keep up with my other lurcher Faye, she walks behind me or beside me and rambles along at my pace with the oldies and smallies enjoying a sniff and every few days has a 60 second sprint which is enough for her.

All my dogs are very special but there is something about Nell that strangers even notice and come and comment on how lovely she is. Thank you so much for sponsoring Nell and giving her the quality of life she deserves.

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