RIP – Fraser the Boxer

Update: We are very sad to let you know that the gentle Fraser passed away recently. He was muched loved during his time with his fosterers John and Sabrina and it comforts us all to know how loved he was up to his final moments.

Fraser is a special boy who’s story captured the hearts of many of DAWG’s followers on Facebook. Found straying in a garden, this gorgeous 11 year old Boxer was in a terrible state of pain and neglect. (Warning: the images are graphic and upsetting.) Rushed to the vets, he underwent a difficult and prolonged surgery to remove several horrendous tumours from his hindquarters. He survived against the odds, and 10 days later he went to convalesce in Millie’s former foster home, where there was a special Boxer-shaped place for him on the couch.

Unfortunately, just a few days later Fraser’s lab results came back, and with them the news that he has cancer that has spread to his lymph system. While there is no treatment that will cure him, he is on excellent meds and is fully mobile, pain-free and very, very happy. He loves his Boxer foster sister and his foster family, his luxurious long naps, his special food, and his walks in the park and to the local coffee bar, where he is a celebrity.

In addition to the follow-up visits and meds he will need for the rest of his life, it is likely that Fraser will need at least one more surgery to remove additional tumours that were not a priority during his original emergency procedure. Your sponsorship will help to give this sweet, affectionate and joyful dog all of the care he needs while he enjoys the time he has left with his loving foster family.

I’m Fraser’s foster mum and I would like to say a special thank you to DAWG for taking Fraser on at a time when finances are very tight, and to all of the donors and sponsors who have made sure that this beautiful boy’s veterinary needs are always met. Thank you for your kindness.

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