Willow the Lurcher

Willow is a very special girl looking for an equally special home ! We don’t know much of her background but what we do know is that she has suffered both mentally and physically in her short life. She had a good few scars and wounds on her body and as is typical for lurchers who come into our care, had slept only on concrete and was very skinny. She is much better now after a few weeks in foster but still suffers from slight separation anxiety. She is a typical bull lurcher with all the lovely gentle traits of staffies and lurchers, and is one of the most loyal young dogs you will ever meet. She adores other dogs, and children but is very strong and boisterous so kids over 8 who can cope with her sheer love and exuberance! She is only about a year so would prefer to have someone around a lot as becomes very attached very quickly and would do anything to just sit on your lap and look at you! Sweet Willow is just starting to learn, to trust and to love. All she needs is some help on the journey, some time to settle and a commitment that you will never leave her . You will get back Willow’s huge heart, total devotion and a friend for life.

Willow has gone to her forever home!