Thomas the Terrier x

Thomas is 6 years young and has so much love to give. He is excellent with children and loves a long walk in the woods or the countryside. Thomas walks well on his lead and even better on a longer, retractable one as opposed to a shorter lead (in safe areas). He is fairly easygoing and loves to spend as much time outside as possible. So a secure backyard or larger garden would make him extremely happy. He tends to get along with some dogs, however it may take him a little longer to warm up to some. He is extremely lovable and loves to hug and kiss all of his favorite humans. (He will actually put his paws on your shoulders and pull you in for a hug.) He instantly loves every woman and child he meets. When he is not busy trying to steal your heart by attempting to sit in your lap or cuddle you, he loves to nap (and is a light snorer) and just relax on his bed or a couch (if you allow that in your home!) He makes an excellent cuddle buddy for those rainy days that you just want to sit inside and read a book or watch a movie.

However, some men do make him nervous as they may remind him of his first owner. He knows how to sit and it will be fairly easy to train him to do other things. (Still working on ‘come’ but he has made made much progress with this command over the short few weeks he has lived here.) He does get anxious around busy roads and loud cars, so try to stick to walking him along slower roads or in nature. Thomas would be best suited for a family with kids (over five) and possibly other dogs, but would love to be the only one getting your undivided cuddles and attention.

No cats for Thomas.

Thomas has gone to his forever home!