Sully the Lurcher Pup

Sully the lurcher pup is a little character. He now knows how to sit and wait for his food, he is extremely clever and adores the dogs he is in foster with. Sully is a low shed, little man, excellent on his walks, great recall and more or less fully housetrained. Anne his fosterer cant say enough good things about him. Sully still likes to sing/howl along to the piano and has the most endearing personality. Sully would do great in a home with an older dog who can tolerate his playfulness yet show him the ropes also as it were. He is much better matched with females.

Latest update – Sully is a big baba, so affectionate and has become a beautiful handsome young dog. He is great with our 3 female dogs, he knows that the girls rule and he is putty in theirs paws😀 he is a joy to watch running off lead and hilarious to see afterwards draped conked on the sofa! He brings lots of fun to our house and is responds well to training, and follows any instructions with a lick on your hand. He is so good natured. He likes butter and sometimes the urge to steal some is overwhelming for him but we are working on that


Sully has gone to his forever home!