Sasha the Lurcher

We have a big treat for those of you who love Bull Lurchers. This divine creature is called Sasha and she is one of the most trusting, innocent girls we have come across. She is a big powerful girl, who thinks she is a little dot of a thing, so tries to squash herself onto your lap, into small spaces and chairs and stays away from any trouble. She adores people and other dogs and thrives on being cared for and loved. Sasha is a big brindle beauty with a heart of gold. We┬ácannot get enough of her smiles and she makes us smile every day with her gentle ways. Sasha loves children, but children over 5 due to her size ! Sasha loves long walks and runs, big dinners and long sleeps – the perfect dog in every way. She even gets involved with the homework as you can see:). No cats for Sasha.

Sasha has gone to her forever home!