Sadie the Lurcher

Sadie the lurcherSadie with the soulful eyes  is looking for a new home. She was surrendered to us by her owner through no fault of her own. Sadie is very shy and takes a while to trust. She is so gentle and has yet to make a sound. Sadie first looked at the wall, afraid to make eye contact when I tried to stroke her and stiffened up but now she comes to me for her rubs. It took her days to wag her tail but when the lead comes out it makes her very happy indeed. She adores her walks. On and off the lead she is a dream. She runs like the wind when let free in the fields. Sadie is grateful for every bit of love and attention she gets. She was never used to living indoors but has had no accident yet. She sleeps soundly all night without a murmer. Sadie just needs time and in the right home with love and patience she will trust you and will be loyal to the end.

From looking at her new pics you can see that in two weeks Sadie has come a long way. She loves her walks, and jumps around doing a little dance with excitement when its food time or walk time. Sadie is the dream pet.


new sadienew sadie 2



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