Ruby the Springer Spaniel

Ruby is 4 years old and came two us so underweight and under nourished. She had had 2 sets of pups within a very short space of time and it had taken its toll.

But roll on a few weeks and she is bouncing back to health in foster care. Ruby does have some sight issues therefore sight in one eye isnt perfect but it isnt hindering her in the slightest.

She like all springers is BALL OBSESSED.

The rule in the foster home is no balls in the house and it calms her down.

‘From the point of view in the house- she is so gentle and completely calm around the other dogs. she will relax if you insist on not throwing stuff in the house but obviously will need someone prepared to do this with her outside. She travels so well in the car. She is housetrained! She sleeps at night, no barking or whining. In fact apart from a little whine or two I havent heard her bark at all. she is so sharp and clever and if you say into bed, she does it straight away. Lovely with kids and friendly with strangers’

Ruby has gone to her forever home!