Lizzie the Hound

Lizzie we think is 7 years or more. This sweet girl was housetrained in a matter of days even though she had never seen the inside of a house in her life let alone sleep on a couch. Lizzie is in heaven in foster, and snuggles up with the other dogs in the home. She has a wag of the tail for everyone she meets and is such a gentle girl. –

She is as affectionate a dog as I have ever met. Such a happy girl showing no signs of anxiety distress or mistrust. She absolutely loves being around people and other dogs. 
She is on the taller side and quite strong but as she is not rambunctious the only thing to note is she can reach counter tops. And she sure will try as being a houndie she LOVES LOVES food. Which of course makes training her easier as she is so food motivated.

I find at meal times, as her only instinct around food is to get excited, the best thing to do is send her off into her crate with nuts/healthy treats while I’m preparing meals and having dinners. She objects a little but as ever, being the sweet natured dog she is, she accepts it and settles well. Besides meal times, if I’m out or bedtime Lizzie is a great dog and doesn’t need crating. She LOVES the couch, armchair or her bed.

Basically Lizzie is turning out to be a super house pet!
I cannot say enough how affectionate Lizzie is. Cuddles, cuddles, cuddles. She is a real people pleaser and is always looking for queues to know what to do next. Every day I reinforce her queues and already she is pretty much in the same routine as my other dogs. Such a smart and eager girl!!
She walks well on a lead, but again, as a houndie she will follow her nose to the ends of the earth. I walk her with a harness and extendable lead so she is secure but can enjoy sniffing about without being too restricted. She isn’t overly keen on rain or cold so she isn’t going to be looking for her walk hail rain or snow (unlike my two) In fact she has been miffed at being dragged out with the other two. Made for the house when she felt the rain!
All in all Lizzie is a stunning Foxhound and will make the most loving pet and family member. Which she truly deserves

Update – Lizzies face is transforming after good food and coconut oil. She is such a pretty girl.

No cats for Lizzie.

  • Breed:
  • Age: Older Dog
  • Size: Large
  • Gender: Female
  • Good with Cats: No
  • Housetrained: Getting there

Lizzie has gone to her forever home!