Jill the Collie Terrier x

Jill is a special little collie x terrier who has had a very tough start. Only about a year old, she has had puppies, has been dumped and found herself alone in the pound. It is clear from her behaviour that she has been shouted at, probably beaten and generally abused all her life as she is very very fearful and apologises for her very existence. Despite this, she is an amazingly gentle, smart little dog, who is learning to trust and let herself enjoy life a bit. We would love to find this little dog a patient home where she will continue to progress and learn that life is not to be feared. Jill loves the company of another friendly dog to play with and learn from. She loves her walks and will promise a lifetime of loyalty and love if you give her the chance. She has the loyalty and smarts of a collie, with the smaller size and playfulness of a terrier. She is used to children (over 8).

Jill has gone to her forever home!