Ivy the Lurcher Pup

Another amazing baby and photos. Ivy in foster with Alex and James. The pictures speak volumes. This girl is special – Ivy is from a litter of six and a gorgeous white and brindle girl. She is quite content to play by herself but also loves the company of other dogs to snuggle up with when she’s tired. Ivy is getting on well with cats and cuddles up to them sometimes, she would be good with cats with continued exposure. She’s not great in a crate as she prefers to be at the heart of the action and can get a bit distressed. However, if she has company at night, she is very quiet. She is a quick learner and is getting better with house training, going in certain areas and beginning to give signs when she needs to go outside. She is a very inquisitive puppy and is beginning to understand voice commands. Ivy would be a good companion for an older dog, as she is independent but enjoys cuddling up at night time and would make for a loyal and affectionate companion. Ivy is looking for a home with another dog

Ivy has gone to her forever home!