Hero the Hound

Hero is now a typical hound after a really awful start in life, he came to us a shivering, scared mess of a dog that didn’t know anything of the world around him, with an eating disorder that meant he had to be hand fed up to three times a day. Anyone who knew him before wouldn’t recognize him now. He’s turned into a curious, fun, loving dog who’s favorite things to do are playing fetch, hanging his head out the window on drives, running and wrestling on the beach with other dogs and hugs with his human familiars. He can be nervous in new situations but warms up eventually and can eat on his own ( only one meal a day now). His recall is good, his lead training is iffy but then no one is perfect and he’d make a wonderful addition to a home where he’s not the only dog and he’s got someone with enough energy to keep up with his enthusiasm for life.

Hero has gone to his forever home!