Hero the Hound

This is a magical update on a boy that came in when nobody wanted him. A hound that was no good for hunting and a hound with Megaesophagus. Hero we called him and he is living up to his name and surmounting all obstacles. The biggest heroes of all in this story though are his fosterers Trevor and Rachel. We are so happy to say that Hero is ready to find that special home. Hound lovers out there will fall for hero he’s beautiful, with the cutest face and softest ears who loves a hug. He’s come on a good bit since we got him, not as afraid of everything as he was and his lead training is going really well. He is nervous of men at first and tends to hide but warms up after awhile and he loves my partner. He’s not great with cats but hasn’t eaten mine so that’s something, I think he just can’t figure them out and this kind of stresses him a bit but we’re working on that too. His Megaesophagus is under control really well and its honestly not that much of a big deal, you just get used to it and we use pate that he can lick from a spoon as a treat while training. His recall isn’t great but much better than it was. He is just your typical young hound. He is great with other dogs, loves a good wrestle but wouldn’t suit a house with kids under 10 as we have to encourage the jumping up because of his condition. He really is a sweet dog and not at all mouthy so no problem with biting or even licking. He’s ok in the car, gets in and out no probs now and although he still vomits ever so occasionally he really is great and loves his spins. Hero is your average hounds, fab with other dogs and so gentle with people. He does have a health issue but its mild and easily managed and we simply would not see this as an obstacle in his rehoming. Our biggest Christmas present ever would be a hound loving home to offer Hero his forever couch. That would be the best present of all. We would love to hear from you,


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