Harley the Lurcher Pup

When Harley was found abandoned he was a scrap of thing. We thought maybe a terrier x and because he has changed so much the poor fella must have been literally 4 or 5 weeks old when found. Just look at him now. It cant be denied he is going to be a striking lurcher boy. Great with other dogs and children. He even popped up on this little girls lap during a car journey recently. He is getting big and active now so children over five only. Loves to play and has finally gotten the hang of housetraining. Thanks so much Emer for having him.

harley3 harley4 harley5 harley 2

  • Age: Puppy
  • Size: Small
  • Gender: Male
  • Housetrained: Getting there

Harley has gone to his forever home!