Florrie the Scottie

Florrie is a gorgeous little Scottish terrier who came to us in bad shape. Her coat looks great now and she has a spring her step. Special thanks to Eileen her fosterer for all the work she has put into this little madam.

Florrie doesn’t like being put upon and would like a quiet home. She’s an independent little girl, full of character and really behaves like a grumpy old man at times. She would suit someone with Scottie experience. She wouldn’t be for everyone and certainly not for children. She loves attention but it has to be on her terms. She loves to sleep on the couch or on the bed if allowed.  She is a very easy house guest though and if your house is easy going to you will all rub along nicely together.  Florrie loves her walks and is great on the lead.

Florrie has gone to her forever home!