Buddy the Bichon

Buddy is 8 years young. He is a calm, mild mannered boy. Good with kids. He chases cats if they run so would not recommend house with cats. He is calm in the house, and loves to have company. He gets attached and likes to be in contact with his human. Buddy would really need to sleep near you . If not on the bed next to it.

He is good with other dogs, best with females but prefers to be on his own, he wont play with other dogs and more or less ignores them. He loves balls, any size and plays with them himself.  Buddy is not a barker, we have only heard him bark if we take his ball to go outside to play with him.  Buddy is excellent on his lead and in the car. He loves getting out and about. He is  fully housetrained . He really is a fantastic little pal.


Buddy has gone to his forever home!