Brandon the Hound

Meet Brandon – a gorgeous 3-4 year male hound. Brandon was a stray who was rescued in a very nervous state, covered in fleas. It seems that he had never lived in a house before but is now slowly adapting to his new life in his foster home. He loves his belly rubs, never complains, sleeps all night and has shown no aggression . He is almost housetrained – occasionally he will wee to mark his territory but is being taught not too, in a very gentle way. He is very good with other dogs, if a bit cautious at first. He is currently in a home with two young dogs and enjoys the company they offer. He is generally excellent on a lead, however he is extremely nervous of men and will pull on the lead to get away from them.  Brandon has been treated cruelly in the past and chained up and associates these hard times with men which is so sad. He is also cautious of children and would do best in a house with no children. Once he trusts you, he is a very loving, affectionate dog.. He just needs a quiet, warm home where he will be given the time and patience to grow and trust. An experienced dog owner would be best for him.

Brandon has gone to his forever home!