Ben the Rottie

Hi my name is Ben,
And I’m a sweet natured 7-year old Rottie x Doberman (though I look like a Rottie but got the size from the Doberman). I know I’m a big boy but I love my humans and other dogs. Even playing with a buddy a tenth of me size I’m gentle enough to not hurt my friend and let him walk all over me without a complaint (young lads…I know). I love spending all day on the couch or bed with my fav humans around (I just don’t like being apart from them). I love my cuddles and still think I’d fit on my humans lap….

Ben really needs a home where he isnt left alone for too long without his human.

He is a clever boy, can sit, and wait for his treats, is housetrained and loves his walks.

Ben is looking to be the only dog in the home.

Ben has gone to his forever home!