10 Ways to Help

1. Become a Fosterer: Fostering is fun, rewarding, educational and comes with free snuggles and unlimited tail wags. People often say they could never foster, but there’s a foster style — and a foster dog — for almost everyone. Find out all about it!

2. Sponsor a Dog: DAWG makes a lifetime commitment to every dog who comes into our care. As a result, some of our dogs will spend the rest of their lives in specialised foster homes due to significant medical conditions. You can help us meet the costs of lifelong care for these dogs by choosing one to sponsor.

3. Donate: Donations are the lifeblood of our organisation. Your donation, large or small, helps us pay for transportation, food, and veterinary costs for more than 1,000 dogs rehomed through foster care and our shelter each year.

4. Fundraise: Could you take up a collection at the office to sponsor a dog, organise a bake sale, lead a school fundraiser, or throw a coffee morning? Any amount your raise will make a huge difference for our dogs each month.

5. Volunteer at our sanctuary: Human interaction is vital to keep our residents happy and teach shy dogs that humans are there to love them. Our sanctuary volunteers walk and play with dogs, clean and feed, help out with laundry, and generally muck in up to their wellies!

6. Respond as a Transport Volunteer: Our dogs may need to travel long distances to reach the safety of DAWG. We post regular transport appeals on our Facebook page for volunteers who can help by transporting needy dogs from around Cork. The gift of your time can save a life.

7. Shop DAWG! We have t-shirts, hoodies, cups and more on our online shop https://www.dogactionwelfaregroup.ie/products/

8. Be a DAWGvocate: Become an advocate for DAWG dogs in your community. Help spread the word that dogs who need rehoming are wonderful and lovable, and encourage people to consider DAWG as the first place to look when acquiring a new best friend.

9. Share on Facebook: Sharing dogs who are posted for adoption on the DAWG Facebook page is a great way to help them be seen by potential adopters. Every dog deserves a wonderful home, though small dogs and puppies are shared more often than our seniors and less popular breeds. Make a commitment to help put these underdogs in the spotlight by sharing their posts, too!

10. Donate Your Skills: Are you an ace photographer, a divine baker, an accomplished groomer, a professional behaviourist, a brilliant builder? We need people just like you who are willing to volunteer their skills for everything from baking for fundraisers to working with dogs. We’d love your help!